There will be a public hearing Monday, June 19, on the Fairfax County Park Authority's preliminary plans for use of Lilian Carey park, which bounded by Barcott View Apartments, Bailey Community Center, Holmes Run Stream Valley Park and by undeveloped tract of land.

The 134-acre is made up of steep, sloping land with two small streams, and it is entirely covered with matured forest. According to the Park Authority's tentatives plans, the park would get two lighted tennis courts, playground equipment, an adult activities area, picnic area and a picnic shelter and trails. The existing baseball/softball area at Baileys Community Center would be upgraded.

The public hearing on the tentative plans will he held at 8 p.m. in the Baileys Community Center Multi-Purpose Room, 5920 Summers La., Falls Church. Those who wish to speak at the hearing should register in advance with Lauren Bisbee at 941-5000, ext. 61.

Do residents want Munson Hill Park be expanded? The Fairfax park Authority, which has funds available to purchase an additional two acres and develop the park, will hold a public hearing Thursday, June 29, before it proceeds with acquisition or development.

The hearing will be held at 8 p.m. at the Glen Forest Dr. The 22-acre west of Baileys Crossroads at 6027 Munson Hill Rd., between Munson Hill Subdivision and Pinehurst Subdivision.

Current Park Authority development ballfields, playground, open play and picnic areas, tennis and or/basketball courts, trails, parking, and adult area and landscaping. Those wishing to speak at the hearing should register with Lauren Bisbee at 941-5000, ext. 61.