Fourteen of you accepted my invitation to write editorials about the church school seniors who were caught dancing and drinking beer.

Your comments covered a wide range of opinions. If several columns of space were available, I'd run them all. But since space is limited, let me at least share one with you. It is from Falls Church and says:

"If you print my name, you will embarass my wife, so please don't. She thinks I am uncouth because I say what I think."

"I drink. I gamble. In my day I used to dance with the prettiest girls I could find. But I think the preacher did exactly right. He set up a school that would require strict conduct from its students, and he told the parents exactly what the rules would be. If the parents didn't want their kid subjected to that kind of teaching and strict discipline, they shouldn't have enrolled their children in that preacher's school. Once they did enroll their kids there, the assumption has to be they knew what they were doing.

The complainers don't have a leg to stand on when they say the preacher was too hard on their kids. Hell's bells, he said he was going to be hard on them. Did they think he was kidding about it?

I think our uncouth correspondent makes a lot of sense. If you don't want your child held to such a strict code of conduct, why enroll him in a school that tells you in advance that it will?