The attorney for the McLean Gardens Residents' Association yesterday requested a hearing into charges that the 723 unit apartment complex was improperly approved for condominium conversion.

The attorney, Ann M. Garfinkle, listed in a letter filed yesterday with the city's Neighborhood Improvement Administration a number of reasons for the charges. She contended, among other things, that the tennants association, which has expressed a written interest in purchasing the complex, should be offered first right of refusal to buy it.

Dwight W. Mize, a California builder, has signed a contract with CBI Fairmac, owners of the complex, to purchase the complex and says he plans to convert it into condominiums.

Garfinkle, who has filed a petition with the city's Rental Accommodations Office challenging the legality of a recent rent increase at McLean Gardens, also wrote that by granting the certificate of eligibility for condominium conversion, the city housing department violated its own policy of submitting applications for condominium conversion to Advisory Neighborhood Councils before action is taken.

Garfinkle said that, because the residents' association has not been allowed to see the application for the certificate, some of the allegations in her letter "are based on information and belief."

Garfinkle requested a hearing within five days.