Some seniors at Wheaton High School celebrated the end of their school year yesterday with firecrackers, water balloon fights, drag races and a beer party in the parking lot attracting police twice to the school.

No arrests were reported. Police were first called to the school at about 10 a.m. because three youths were racing their cars around the parking lot as about 200 others looked on cheering, according to police spokeswoman Nancy Moses.

School Principal Pat MOran said the police were notified about the races by the driver education teacher, who is "very safety conscious." Four police cars responded and stayed until "the crowd settled down," Moran said.

"We hung back, we didn't storm the parking lot," Moses said. The police did threaten to arrest any youths who were disorderly or drinking.

At about 2:15 p.m., a group of students began igniting firecrackers and throwing confetti, Frisbees, footballs and water balloons in a school hall-way near a clock that is a favorite gathering place of the students, witnesses said.

Students scrawled "The Class of 78" on the front of the school with black paint along with the names "Ricky" and "Eddie".

About 11 police cruisers were waiting outside the school when classes let out. Moses said, but the students left without incident.