Following are responses from candidate Robert L. Thoburn:

1. Do you favor President Carter's porposals for reorganizing the federal civil service?

No comment.

2. Do you favor the Hatch Act ban of civil service workers participating in partisan politics?


3. Under what circumstances would you support a commuter tax for the District of Columbia?

Under no circumstances.

4. Do you favor changing the military retirement system, as proposed by a presidential commission?

No comment.

5. Would you favor extension of the deadline for ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment?


6. List what would be your five top legislative priorities.

Balance the budget and reduce taxes; propose a right to life amendment; improve national defense; eliminate federal controls on the economy; cut welfare spending.

7. What committees would you seek assignment on and why?

Ways and Means - to do something about taxes; Judiciary - to promote a right to life amendment; Armed Services - to improve the national defense.

8. What specifically would you [WORD ILLEGIBLE] to fight inflation?

Balance the budget. Cut government spending.

9. What level of funding, if any, should the federal government agree to for Metro? Do you want to see completion of 100-mile Metro system.

Those who use Metro should pay for it. The federal government should pay its employes enough so they can pay their own expenses to get to work.

10. Do you favor tuition tax credits for parents of colllege students? Parochial students at the elementary and secondary level?

No. This will increase taxes for the middle class and bring federal controls over private schools.

11. In a case that placed your personal beliefs at odds with what you believe to be the wishes of the majority of constituents, how would you vote?

I inform the voters on my positions when I run. Then I stick by these principles.

12. Do you favor federal laws banning the sale, manufacture and possession of hand guns?

No, the problem is the criminal, not the gun.

13. Do you favor changes in the mail service? Should rates be increased or Saturday delivery be ended?

I favor private delivery with plenty of competition. This would improve delivery and bring lower rates.

14. Do you favor tax credits for solar installations, such as water heaters, etc.?

I believe the operation of a free market will best solve energy problems. Taxes should raise revenu, not deteremine how a person will heat his home or water.

15. Would you support a constitutional amendment making abortion illegal? Or other federal action on abortion? If so, describe you proposal.

Yes. Cut off tax funding for abortion, too. I believe it is wrong to kill innocent human beings.