"Do you think there's a wide enough variety of entertainment in the District?" Staff writer Joann Stevens and photographer Michael Ford Parks went to Farragut Park to ask residents their views. Garry Little, 28, insurance reviewer, resident 16th and R streets NW: "There's a lot of cabaret-type entertainment here. I'd like to see more of that. I like the small clubs and pop music." Kim Powell, 26, office worker in law firm at 17th and I streets NW: "It definitely differs from New York. I went to a few of the discos here and then I stopped going. People don't party as nice here as they do in New York. Here they're more into styling and profiling. It also takes a lot more money to do things here than up in New York." Patricia Lee, 28, word processing operator, resident at 54th and East Capitol Street SE: "The clubs don't offer enough. I don't just want to disco. They should have more supper clubs, where you can eat and dance. Down at the Warner Theater they have dance troupes and the prices are pretty reasonable. But they just last a week. I would like to see more of that." Ken McLaughlin, 25, actor, resident 5th and H streets Ne "It's very diverse. The city has an incredible variety of entertainment. I'm an actor and I think there's a lot of things I want to look into. There's a lot of theater and I'm very happy." James Golden, 23, mail clerk, Benning Rd., and E. Capitol St., NE: "I think next to New York this has to be one of the better entertainment capitals. It has entertainment for everybody. The whole city is entertainment in itself. This is one of the few cities where you can still find entertainment if you don't have money." Cynthia Woodruf, 25, office associate, resident at 29th and S Street SE: "I think entertainment is good here. They have good theaters and a decent black repertory company. As far as discos are concerned, I think they need a change of pace. Most of the time they just offer dancing or you watch a show. Some have game grooms." Denise Berry, 26, senior office assistant, resident at Eastern and Riggs Street NE: "I think the entertainment is pretty good. The Cellar Door has good entertainment and Carter Baron generally has good entertainment. I prefer jazz, and as far as that's concerned they have it."