A 15-year-old youth was arrested early yesterday when Alexandria and Arlington police blocked the van he was driving following a 10-mile chase during which the van allegedly rammed police cruisers, causing about $6,000 worth of damage to the cars, police reported. No one was injured.

Police said the incident began shortly after 1 a.m. when an Alexandria police officer became suspicious of a van drining near a truck dealership at 1600 Duke St. When the officer approached to investigate, the van sped off.

Arlington and Virginia State police joined Alexandria police in the chase as the van went up King Street and on to Glebe Road. Arlington police said they fired one shot at the van's tires but missied. The van's driver tried to run two of the cruisers chasing him off the road, police said.

Finally, as the van headed back towards Alexandria, it struck the right side of an Alexandria police car and hit the left front of an Arlington squad car when the two vehicles block him. Arlington police said the youth, who was not indentified because he is a juvenile, was arresred shortly after striking the vehicles.

Alexandria police Lt. Andre Salvas said the van had been stolen from a dealership in Leesburg. He said two counts of attempted felonious assault, one of reckless dribing and other of drving without a Virginia license had been filed against the youngster.