Michel G. Simoneau, the 17-year-old youth accused of robbing and killing a former aide to Rep. Morris K. Udall at the Iwo Jima Memorial in Arlington, testified yesterday that he had not intended to rob or kill a homosexual there, only to "harass and humiliate" them.

One of Simoneau's friends testified, however, that he and Simoneau on two previous occasions had gone to the memorial, a well-known meeting place for homosexuals, to "bait queers' so that they could rob them.

The testimony by Sinoneau, the only defense witness, ended the presentation of evidence in the three-day Arlington Circuit Court trial.

Simoneau is charged with murder and robbery in connection with the beating death of former Udall aide Ronald J. Pettine, whowas slain on Oct. 2, 1976, robbed of noney, clothing and a gold cigarette lighter.

Two other men, Charles A. Bamman, 21, of Maryland also are charged with murder and robbery in connection with the incident and are scheduled to stand trial later this year.

During testimony yesterday John R. Martin Jr. said that on a summer night in 1976 he and Sinoneau went to the memorial to "roll a fag, take his money."

Martin, a tall, blond, testified that he was to act as the "bait," to "lure him over" so that Simoneau and another youth, Mark Posey, hiding behind a statue could attack the homosexual and rob him.

"I set up on a statue, a lion statue," in the woods at the memorial, Martin testified. "A homosexual came walking along. He sat up on the statue and we talked a few minutes. He put his hand on my leg and they (Simoneau and Posey) jumped out. Mike (Simoneau) smacked him, took his money and then left."

Martin testified the three youths divided the money so that each got about $8. Simoneau later agreed in testimony that the incident occurred, but said he did not rob the victim, nor did he intend to.

Martin testified that he and Simoneau attempted to "roll a fag" about two weeks later, but their efforts were frustrated by U.S. Park Police who were at the memorial.

Simoneau, of 6609 Fisher Ave., Falls Church, testified that at about mid-night on Oct. 2, 1976, he, Bamman and Arnone left a party to go to the memorial "to harass and humiliate queers.

A man, later identified as Pettine, approached him, Simoneau said, and made a sexual offer.

"I was pretty well drunk and it got me plain mad. I pushed him. He pushed me back. We both hit the ground," Simoneau testified.

Simoneau said that Bamman and Arnone then "came out of the woods and went crazy on him."

"Arnone was kicking the hell out of the fella," Simoneau testified. "Chucky (Bamman) was hitting him in the head. I couldn't believe they were doing it."

Simoneau testified that the three then ran from the woods into Adlington Cemetery. He denied having dragged Pettine's body or abused his sexual organs, as at least five witnesses testified Simoneau told them after the incident.

Simoneau's lawyer asked him if "roughing up" homosexuals "makes you feel like a big man." Simoneau replied, "It sure doesn't no more."