The National Conference of Christians and Jews will lead a boycott of the 1980 Passion Play at Oberammergau if a script portraying Jews as Christ-killers is used, according to NCCJ president David Hyatt.

He deplored the decision of the town council of Oberammergau, West Germany. to use an 1860 script, which blames Jews for Christ's crucifixion, rather than a 1750 versions which characterized Satan as the villain.

"There is absolutely no reason to use that anti-Semitic script," Hyatt, a Roman Catholic, said. "The Second Vatican Council denounced anti-Semitism and absolved Jews of any blame for the crucifixion of Jesus."

"We hope the town council realizes its error and instead uses its 1750 version which makes Satan the heavy and, like the New Testament portrays the Jews as divided over Jesus."

Hyatt, who will become president of the International Council of Christians and Jews next January, said protest demonstrations would be mobilized in Europe by the ICCJ if Oberammergau insists on using the 1850 script.

"If it appears that the 1980 play will use the anti-Semitic script which the murderous Adolph Hitler praised in the 1930s," he said, "we will do whatever we can to create an international boycott and significantly reduce the 1970 attendance of 530,000."

Hyatt said that the NCCJ would launch a major effort to discourage American Christians from attending the 1980 pageant if the objectionablescript is used