The Fairfax County Park Authority has allocated $5,497,785 of the bond money for use in the Springfield District. The Park Authority is authorized to spend $4,514,785 on 31 development projects and $983,000 on 10 acquisition projects amounting to 112 acres of land.

The following is the second of four reports on projects and parks in the Springfield District, where the money is scheduled to be spent in the next five years. Previous reports have described where the money will be spent in the county's other magisterial districts.

Cub Run, Accotink and Pohick Stream Valley - $283,000 was set aside for acquisition of up to 47 acres of land in Centreville, Springfield and West Springfield in areas of new development where developers do not provide adequate parkland to protect the stream valley and its slopes. The land will be acquired as needed. This is part of 13 stream valleys in the county that the Park Authority has pledged to preserve and protect.

Dixix Hills, Legato and Random Hills Areas - Each of these areas has been allocated money to buy parkland. Dixie Hills and Legato were also allocated funds for development. The Park Authority has met with civic associations in each of the areas to decide whether or not to build one large park or three smaller parks. No decision has been reached yet. All three communities are north of Rte. 29-211 in Centreville.

In Dixie Hills, $100,000 was set aside to purchase up to 10 acres of land in 1978, and $50,000 was allocated for development. If it is decided to build one park in each of the three communities, residents in the Dixie Hill area would be asked for their opinions on how their park should be developed in 1982.

In the Legato Area, $100,000 was allocated to purchase up to 10 acres of land in 1979, and $50,000 was set aside for development in 1982. Residents will be asked in 1982 how the park should be used.

In the Random Hills area, $100,000 was set aside to purchase up to 10 acres of land in 1980. No funds for development were allocated.

E. C. Lawrence Park - $1.093 million was set aside for development in this 640-acre park at 5300 Walney Rd., Centreville. The park currently has three historic structures - the Walney House, the Miller's House and the Walney Mill - a small parking lot, pond, group camping area, picnic tables and trails. A public hearing on use of the park has already been held, and a public hearing on a preliminary master plan will be held 8 p.m. June 28 in the little theater of Chantilly Secondary School, 4201 Stringfellow Rd., Chantilly. The Park Authority expects a master plan to be adopted this summer, and phased construction could begin in 1979.

Development ideas currently include ballfields, open play, picnic and playground areas, basketball and/or tennis courts, trails, landscaping and parking, managed conservation areas to include an interpretive center and environmental education area, camping, interpretive trails and wayside exhibits, shelter support facilities and improvements to the three historic buildings on the site with the intent toward community and historic park use.

Friendly Village Area - $100,000 was set aside to acquire up to five acres of land for a community park in the mobile home park area off of Rte. 50 in Chantilly, and $50,000 was allocated for development. The Park Authority will begin identifying a site to purchase in 1981. No master plan for development has been adopted. Friendly Village area residents' opinions on how the park should be developed will be solicited in 1982.

Greenbriar Community Park - $175,000 was allocated for development of this 24-acre park at 4600 Stringfellow Rd., Chantilly. The park already has two tennis courts, a parking area, basketball court, walkways, two baseball-softball fields, one soccer-football field, a playground area, community center and natural area. A master plan for development has already been approved. The parking lot expansion is scheduled to begin this, and in 1979, development is scheduled to begin on shelter/rest-rooms, an adult area and additional tennis courts.

Hidden Pond Community Park - $125,000 was set aside for future development of this 20.6-acre park at 8510 Greeley Blvd., Springfield. The park is adjacent to the Pohick Stream Valley, and has a small playground. Construction of a new nature center, a parking area, landscaping and walkways, funded through a previous bond referendum, was recently completed. Those facilities were dedicated in April. A master plan for new development has been adopted. Work is scheduled to begin in 1979 on tennis courts, a basketball court, playgrounds, trails and landscaping.

Hooes Road Community Park - $100,000 was set aside for further development of the 16.5-acre community park at 7233 Hooes Rd., Springfield. An entrance road, parking, landscaping, two baseball-softball fields and two soccer-football fields were recently completed at the park. Those facilities are now available for use. They were constructed through funds from a previous bond referendum. A master plan for further development has already been approved. Work is scheduled to begin this summer or fall on a playground area and a picnic area, basketball and tennis courts, a shelter, additional parking and landscaping.

Hunter/Larwin Area - $50,000 was set aside for development of a community park in the vicinity of Hooes Road and Keene Mill Road in Springfield. The Park Authority expects to receive land for the park from subdivision developers who are required to provide parkland for active recreation and to protect stream valleys and their slopes.

A master plan for development has not been adopted. In 1981, the Park Authority plans to gather residents' opinions on how to use the park if the land is obtained.