"What services are needed in Washington's Hispanic communities?" Staff writer Joann Stevens and photographer Michael Ford Parks went to the Spanish Catholic Center in Mount Pleasant to ask people their views. Rosa Marta Garcia, 27, domestic, Northwest resident: "We need bilingual dentists and English (speaking) programs to be able to speak English and understand the Americans. We also need day care centers for babies." Rosario Gonzalez, 19, secretary, Northwest resident: "We need a place where young people can go to have someone to talk to and get help. I know it's hard for young people to find jobs. Employers criticize their language. We need community counselors and job counselors." Asuncion Lopez, 21, domestic, Northwest resident: "We need more schools to learn English. Sometimes the live-in domestics want to learn English, and to have a social life but the employers won't let them go to school or have a social life." Bertha Monterey, 33, notary public, Northwest resident: "Latinos don't use many American services because there's not enough information about them in Spanish. Even if people go to an agency to ask for help they can't get it because of the language problem." Orlando Ochoa, 18, student, Northwest resident: "I think there should be more recreation areas where Spanish people can have contact with other people. More recreation centers, and parks to enjoy other people as well as themselves. There's too much outside prejudice. We should have more contact with other people." Dr. Jose Palancar, 39, physician at 3055 Mt. Pleasant St. NW: "We need sensitive people in the government who will meet our needs. There are a lot of Spanish people who are over-qualified for government jobs but can't get in because of prejudice. There are over 100,000 Latinos in the metropolitan area. But a lot of government services are not available to them because of the language barrier." Leonor Silva, 40, housewife, Northwest resident: "What we need most is schools and recreation centers for our children. We also need job for young people."