Five persons who took part in a demonstration at a Rockville abortion clinic have been convicted of trespassing in Montgomery County Circuit Court.

The five were arrested Dec. 23 at the Sigma Reproductive Health Center all at 11119 Rockville Pike, which has been the target of frequent antiabortion demonstrations. The center performs abortions, vasectomies and does birth controls counseling and venereal disease testing, according to a center employe.

The five were charged with remaining in the clinic after the larger group of which they were part was asked to leave, first by clinic employes and then by police.

Defense attorney James Kolb argued that the defendants were justified in remaining at the clinic because they were committing a lesser wrong to prevent a greater one, the taking of human life.

The five defendants were Rita Cooley, 30,of Herndon: Leszek S. Syski, 22,of Silver Spring: Ann E. Schutt, 37, of Beltsville: Karen Torres, 22, of Annandale, and Sharon L. Laurienzo, 42, of Rockville.

The five have been found guilty in March in the county's District Court, but appealed the finding and sought a jury trial in Circuit Court. They were fined $250 each on Thursday, but the fine was suspended.