Alexandria's special bingo prosecutor said yesterday this his investigation into illegal bingo games is growing and that "new areas of concern and interest keep surfacing."

"The investigation is proceeding as envisioned," said special prosecutor Edward J. White in a written statement. "The scope of it is extremely broad . . . Quite obviously, if there was no substance to the investigation then we would have concluded long ago."

White, who was named special prosecutor April 21, would not elaborate on the statement. Two men have been convicted of misdemeanors in connection with the investigation into Alexandria's $1.2 million bingon operations. Charles against a third man are pending.

In an action related to a separate investigation in Alexandria, U.S. District Judge Oren R. Lewis signed an order yesterday allowing Michael Louis Parrish, a metropolitan-area massage parlor owner, to receive copies of certain documents seized by the FBI in searches of his massage parlor locations in Northern Virginia and Washington. The search was conducted last month and is now the subject of a grand jury investigation into alleged illegal prostitution and racketeering activities at Parrish's massage parlors.

According to court papers filed this week by prosecutors, the FBI seized $28,000 in cash from a bank safe deposit box that Parrish rented. The government said the money "represents the fruits of crime."