The body of a 12-year-old Clinton boy who had been reported missing on Saturday night was found yesterday in underbrush about a mile from his home. Prince George's police said he had been murdered.

The victim was identified as Donald Alan Henley of 9111 Dixon Dr., the son of Mr. and Mrs. Larry L. Henley.

Police refused last night to give the cause of death or describe the condition of the body. However, a neighborhood youth who was in the group of searchers who found the body about 12:15 p.m. said the victim had been stabbed many times.

Sgt. Robert Law, a spokesman for the county police declined to confirm or deny the report.

Police said they had no suspects in the killing. They said about 50 detectives and uniformed officers, some on overtime, were searching for evidence and questioning possible witnesses last night.

The boy, who was to have entered the eighth grade at Stephen Decatur Junior High School this fall, had been report missing Saturday evening after the failed to return home from a trip with a friend to an ice cream store on Piscataway Road, about a half mile from his home, police said.

On their way home from the store, neightbors said, the boys stopped at the school nearby, and entered the athletic field where they ran around the track. During this run or shortly afterward, Donald complied that he had hurt his leg, according to a neighbor.

Then, according to accounts, it began to rain. The youths started to run home. Donald's friend, who was not identified by police, was in the lead. He looked back once or twice while on Piscataway Road and saw Donald behind him, neighbors said.

After turning right from Piscataway Road into Dixon Drive, according to the accounts, the friend looked back for Donald once more, but this time he did not see him.

Donald's parents reported him missing about 9 p.m., Law said.

Law said that police were told that Donald had always kept his parents informed of his whereabouts. Officers began searching the neighborhood and area around Donald's house in the Wildwood Estates development.

The search was abandoned at about 1:30 a.m., Law said. He said police intended to resume searching later yesterday.

Meanwhile, he said, friends and neighbors began their own search. The boy's body was found about 12:15 p.m. in a wooded area about a mile from the boy's home on the opposite side or the road.

A dirt road leads from Piscataway Road behind a construction site for a new county library, and past fields, woods and farmland to the place where the body was found in thick underbush.

Although he declined to give details Law said it was clear "from the scene itself" that the boy had been murdered.

In an interview last night Law said the time of the boy's death had not been determined. He said it was not known whether the boy had been killed where he was found or whether he was brought there afterward.

Law said an autopsy would probably be performed today at the state medical examiner's office in Baltimore.

The victim was described in a police missing persons report as about 5 feet tall and weighing 75 pounds. He had blond hair and hazel eyes.

When last seen, police said, he had been wearing red jeans, a yellow fishnet T-shirt and white tennis shoes.

Neighbors on Dixon Drive, a street dotted with trees and lined with neatly kept lawns, described the victim as a "fun-loving kid."

They said he had a sister, Linda, about 17. The boy's father is an electrician and his mother works as retail clerk, according to neighbors.

One area resident told a reporter yesterday that shortly before Donald disappeared a stranger accosted her two daughters on Piscataway Drive, Police said they had no details of the incident.

Late yesterday, Law said, about 40 police officers many on hands and knees, combing the area where the body was found in search of possible physical evidence.

He said a team of 10 detectives was expected to cancass the neighborhood, talking to possible witnesses.

Law asked citizens with information to call the police at 336-8800, extension 301.