Edmund F. (Fred) Millar, a sociology professor at George Mason University and a professed Marxist, can be found these days packing his books behind the office door with the "Don't Bump Fred" bumper sticker on it. The controversial faculty member has been fired.

Millar, 36, was notified a year ago that he was being given a nonrenewable contract for the current school year, due to end this month.

Millar since has maintained that his firing was political and that he was being let go because of his Marxist views and activism on campus. "This is a very conservative campus," he said yesterday.

A faculty committee, which recommended the firing last year, said he "does not reach even minimal standards (of teaching) established by our profession" and he "has made only minimal efforts in research activity."

Millar, a Notre Dame graduate who joined the George Mason faculty in 1972 from Case Western Reserve University, had established a reputation for unorthodox teaching methods and for energetic contributions to a number of campus and communtiy activities.

A department evaluation in 1975 praised Millar's abilities, but in February 1976, three tenured senior professors in the sociology department recommended that he be let go this month. The three said Millar was straying from Sociological topics in his classes and cited student complaints about his handling of class assignments and grading.

Millar appealed the professors' recommendation, but his dismissal was later upheld by the chairman of the sociology department. His firing last year sparked a rare protest demonstration by 200 students at the Fairfax County campus.

A university spokesman said yesterday that college officials would have no comment on the Millar firing.