District Liners continue to show interest in the Postal Service's performance, good and bad.

Charlie McAleer's missing postage stamps moved Jack Worden to comment that what's more often missing is the glue. Jay J. Levy of the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization sent me a postcard that had been dispatched to him by the World Hunger Education Service.The postcard said, "We shall be looking forward to meeting with you on Tuesday."

Unfortunately, on the Tuesday in question the postcard was in Athens, Greece. It returned to Washington somewhat tardily.

Peter Braestrup of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars has a different view of the USPS. His daughter cashed a check for $100 and then walked out of the bank and inadvertently dropped the money into the nearest mailbox, along with some letters she was posting. H. E. Thomas of the Friendship Heights station had the $100 waiting for Peter when he phoned.

Several District Liners have written to say they are shocked at the size of the wage increase that postal workers have asked for, but that is a subject I prefer to leave to others. I happen to think that everybody's wage demands except my own are unreasonable.