Eleven antiabortion protesters barred by a court order from obstructing business at a Fairfax County medical center yesterday were given a list of dos and don'ts - mostly don'ts - on conducting their protests at the clinic.

U.S. District Judge J. Calvitt Clarke Jr. issued three pages of explicit prohibitions against protesters at the Northern Virginia Women's Medical Center, 3918 Prosperity Ave. Several occasions the demonstrators have blocked the center's entrances with their bodies, distributed leaflets and attempted to persuade women orally not to enter the center.

Two weeks ago Clarke ordered a permanent injunction against the protesters but added that he would later lay out specific constraints.

According to Clarke's order, signed last week but made public yesterday, the demonstrators may not enter the building unless invited by the center and may not protest on the center's private parking lot, impede the travel of people at the center or photograph anyone in the center or while they are entering or leaving.

The order also prohibits damaging property, verbally abusing or insulting people at the center or trying to prevent persons from entering the center by talking to them "in louder than normal conversational tones."

The protesters are also forbidden to tie up the center's telephones or get anyone else to disrupt the center for them. Violators could be held in contempt and receive a jail sentence.

The order said, however, the protesters may otherwise exercise their "peaceful and lawful" First Amendment rights.