"Would you favor tax-limiting legislation for the District similar to California's Proposition 13?" Staff writer Carol Krucoff and photographer Michael Ford Parks went to Farragut Square to ask District residents their views. Barbara Beavers, 27, of 4th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue SE: "It really doesn't make a difference to me because I don't own a home. I think it's worth paying taxes for services." Armen H. Garabedian, 40, of 16th Juniper streets NW: "I'd love it. As a homeowner and a native Washingtonian I've seen property taxes go up and up and up. I'd like to see the current law changed, maybe not as much as in California, but enough to give the home owner a break." Yuda Molk, 44, of 18th Street and Ontario Road NW: "I personally say yes. I'm a property owner, and I know poor people who have to move out of the city because their property taxes are too high. There should be some kind of tax limit, but in a responsible way that doesn't create anarchy or a lack of services." Andre Nickens, 22, of 16th and Euclid streets NW: "Right now I think it would be impossible to cut taxes. The city needs the tax money for the subway and jobs and the streets in Southeast are a disaster. I think taxes should be cut gradually each year." Lee Salvador, 29, Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue and Pleasant Street SE: "My serious opinion is that we should hold off and see how they make out in California. It sounds good, but let them work out the problems in California and see how they manage before we go jumping into it." Richard L. Strout, 80, Garfield Street and Foxhall Road NW: "I think it would be terrible. Californians were not thinking what they were doing - it was a knee-jerk reaction. They were unhappy with the high cost of living and have transferred the burden from the well-to-do and middle class to the poor." Lea Tidwell, 31, of 17 Street and Massachusetts Avenue NW: "Yes, I would favor legislation to cut taxes. Property taxes are too high now and I'd be in favor of lowering them, even if it meant cutting services."