A Washington man was convicted yesterday of abducting and raping a 13-year-old Alexandria girl who told police she was taken forcibly from a restaurant on 14th Street in downtown Washington to Arlington for the purpose of prostitution.

An Arlington Circuit Court jury set the sentence of Leon Harold Robinson, 26, of 19 42nd St. NE at five years in prison for forcible rape and a consecutive six-month term for deprivation of personal liberty, the abduction charge. The jury, which deliberated for 71 hours over two days, acquitted Robinson of abduction for the purpose of prostitution.

Circuit Judge Charles S. Russell, who could reduce but not increase the sentence, scheduled sentencing for Aug. 25.

Robinson was the last of three men charged with various offenses in the alleged abduction and rape of the girl, who told the police she and a girlfriend had run away from home to the 14th Street red light district after watching a television movie, "Little Ladies of the Night."

Marcus Payne, 32, of Arlington has been sentenced to 39 years in prison for rape, abduction and sodomy, and Mark Anthony Dozier, 22, of Washington has been sentenced to 15 years for abduction.

The girl testified at Robinson's trial that Payne abducted her from a sandwich shop near Thomas Circle on Jan. 19, 1977, and drove her to the Southgate Motel at Glebe Road and Shirley Highway.

She testified she was raped by both Payne and Robinson and was taken the next day to an Arna Valley apartment where a woman curled her hair, put make-up on her and gave her clothes to wear as a prostitute on the street. Payne told her to charge $50 for acts of prostitution, she said.

She was then taken to hotels in Crystal City, where she was instructed to "ask guys for dates," but she refused to follow those instructions, she testified. She said that as a result Payne slapped her and dropped her off in downtown Washington on Jan. 21.

The girl testified Robinson never slapped her or talked to her about becoming a prostitute.

Robinson testified he had not been in the sandwich shop where the girl was allegedly abducted. Much of the prosecution's case focused on Payne, and Robinson's attorney, William Dolan III, seized on this in his closing arguments to the jury.

"This man is Leon Robinson . . . His crime is that he has a cousin named Marcus Payne," Dolan said. "Every family has a bad apple. You don't curse and damn every member of the family because of the bad apple."

Dolan also attacked the girl's credibility.