A list of state and local candidates from Montgomery and Prince George's counties published in the Maryland Weekly yesterday omitted a number of names. They are:

State Senator, 15th District: Bette Marshall (no affiliation); State Delegate, 15A District: Erwin Vogel (no affiliation; State Delegate, 17th District: George R. Laney (no affiliation), and State Delegate, 20th Distrist: Walter E. Carson (D).

State Delegate, 21th District: William C. DeLodovico Sr. (D). Timothy F. Maloney (D) and Lawrence R. Albert (D): State Delegate, 22nd District: Thomas A. Kalley (R); State Delegate, 24th District: Joan Pitkin (D) and Donald Bruce McBride (R); State Delegate, 25th Dictrict: Arthur H. Jackson (D), and State Delegate, 26th District: Vincent B. Goldsmith (D) and Joseph Arnold Finlayson (R).

State Delegates, 27th District: Alexander Breuer (D), Thomas M. Farah (D) and Lee F. Breuter (D), and State Delegate, 28th District: Angela Mairs (R).

Prince George's County Council - At Large: John W. Wrightson (D) and William W.Wildman (D), and 3rd District: Harold T. MacDonald (D).

Prince George's County Sheriff: George A.Underwood (D), A. M. Wall (D) and William N. McKeever Je. (D).

Meanwhile, Jerry H. Hyatt is running unopposed in the Sept. 12 Democratic primary for a delegate's seat in District 15A. The other candidates listed yesterday for the 15th District are running for the seat from District 15B.

Also, Myrna B. Rosen is running for a House seat in the 18th District, and Charles R. Schmidt is running for a 17th District House seat.