An assistant professor at George Mason University has sued the school contending it failed to promote him and grant him tenure because he is white and male and that he was the victim of age discrimination.

The faculty member, assistant sociology professor Marden E. Williams, asked in a suit filed yesterday in U.S. District Court in Alexandria for a temporary restraining order blocking his dismissal.

He said he has been a member of the George Mason sociology department since 1973 and that during that time he has been stigmatized in the department as a "bigot, racist, sexist, legalist old man."

A spokesman for the university said no officials of the school had seen the suit and that there would be no comment.

But Shepard Krech III, a member of the sociology department, said the decision against granting Williams tenure was based, as are all such decisions, on "scholarship, teaching and contributions to the university community."

In Williams' case, he said, the decision "seemed to be pretty clear-cut."

Krech was one of seven members of the sociology department named as defendants along with the university, its board of visitors and five top administors.

He said yesterday he knew nothing about Williams' contentions that he had been stigmatized by his colleagues.

Williams, who was not immediately available for comment yesterday, said in the lawsuit that he is a World War II veteran, a 1949 graduate of the University fo Wisconsin Law School and that he holds divinity degrees from Dubuque and Boston universities.

He said he practiced law eight years in Wisconsin and served as pastor of six churches between 1957 and 1963.

He said at times he spoke against what he considered undue pressure to hire black faculty members as part of George Mason's affirmative action plan, but Krech said he could remember no such statements.

"I don't think there is any more pressure here to hire blacks than there is anywhere else," said Krech.