The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors agreed yesterday to consider requiring notication of local police when any work-release prisoners are employed in the country.

The board's request that such an ordinance be drafted was in reaction to the disclosure last week that six Maryland state prisoners had been employed at the Talltree apartment complex in Annandale where there have been 25 unsolved break-ins since January.

The six prisoners were taken off the work site last week after complaints by supervisor Audrey Moore (D-Annandale). Police said there is evidence that they were involved in the break-ins.

Board Chairman John F. Herrity yesterday read a letter from a resident of the Talltree apartments complaining of "personal harassment and suffering" allegedly caused by the prisoners.

Bob Bonham, general manager of Arlen Realty which is converting the Talltree apartments to Condominiums, said yesterday he has "never been able to trace one complaint to a prisoner." Bonham, who pulled the prisoners off the work site last week, said two other employes, not prisoners, were disciplined for bothering a resident of the Talltree complex.

In other action, the supervisors appointed Tone Carney of Burke as the Springfield District representative on the county school board, and reappointed Robert E. Smith as the Annandale representative on the board.