"What do you plan to do for relaxation this summer?" Staff writer Randy Mastro and photographer Michael Ford Parks went to Farragut Park to ask residents their views. Christopher Prince, 22, of 14th and Otis streets NW: "I'll do a little traveling up the East Coast, but for the most part, I'll be staying in the District. I'm a native Washingtonian who just likes being here - sitting in the parks, listening to concerts, going to Wolf Trap. There's a lot happening in Washington. And I'll be boating, swimming, baking in the sun. This is a great place to be in the summertime." Greg Storrs, 24, of 20th and S streets NW: "I've only lived here for a year, so I'm not that familiar with the area. I'll get away when I can and head to the Shenandoah Mountains or the Eastern Shore. But I also want to get up to Cape Cod. I'm originally from Massachusetts, and I'd like to go back for a visit." Michael Worlay, 33, of Park Place and Adams Mill Road NW: "I'm planning to go to California. I've got a brother in the Marines out there who wants to see me. We'll be closing up shop at work for two weeks in August, so I guess that's when I'll be heading out there. Until then, I plan to do a lot of bike riding." John Duberg, 28, of Foxhall Road and MacArthur Boulevard NW: "I usually like to get out of the city for the summer. I'm planning to take off either to the Ozarks or the Rockies. I've got a friend in St. Louis who wants to join me for some camping and canoeing. It should be a nice, relaxing trip." Elaine Price, 32, of Columbia and 16th streets NW: "I'm going to Europe early next month. I'll be vacationing in London, Germany and Holland. I'm originally from Australia and my husband is there now doing some lecturing and visiting relatives. He's going to meet me in Europe, so it's a reunion of sorts. We'll be there vacationing for the rest of the summer." Clark Brown, 23, 14th and Rittenhouse streets NW: "I don't really have any plans. I'd like to go up to that new gambling casino in Atlantic City and check it out. Everybody likes to go someplace in the summer, so I guess that's my main plan at the moment." Andres Casilla, 21, of New Hampshire Avenue NW: "Right now, I have no special plans. I'd been going to school in New York, but I like Washington better. I'm just glad to be back and want to have fun in the city. It's quite a beautiful place. I haven't had time to see everything I want to yet. And there's so much to see - new places, new people. It makes me feel I can go anywhere in the city and enjoy myself."