Anton V. Wood, who announced his candidacy for the Ward 6 council seat on the Statehood ticket, is a veteran campaigner at the age of 29.

Wood ran unsuccessfully for delegate to Congress in 1974, for the Ward 6 Board of Education seat in 1975 and for an at-large seat on the Board of Education in 1977.

Ward 6 includes Capitol Hill and a large section of Anacostia. The incumbent council member, Nadine Winter, has five opponents in the Democratic primary. Wood's Statehood candidacy assures Winter of opposition in the general election in November.

Wood, who described himself as a consumer advocate, was the first chairman of Advisory Neighborhood Commission 6A and was a public member of the D.C. Neighborhood Reinvestment Commission.

He is a member of several civic organizations including the Eastern Market Coalition and the Committee of 100 on the Federal City, an organization of prominent Washingtonains formed in the early 1920s to promote good city planning.

Wood said he was active in lobbying against both the Eisenhower Convention Center when it was proposed in 1972 and the more recent proposal for a civic center near Mount Vernon Square.

He also has testified for a Metro transit fare structure more favorable to D.C. residents and has supported enactment of leigislation providing for referendum, initiative and recall procedures in the city.