The attorney for Barbara Mandel, former wife of the suspended Maryland governor, has filed papers in three Maryland counties and Baltimore City in what Mrs. Mandel said was an attempt "to encourage Marvin Mandel to pay me the alimony he owes me."

Mandel was ordered to pay Barbara Mandel $28,295 in back alimony in June in a Baltimore Circuit Court hearing. Barbara Mandel said yesterday that Mandel has yet to pay her "one nickel" so her attorney filed the court order in Anne Arundel County, Harford County, Baltimore County and Baltimore City where he may have assets.

She said that it was unfortunate that these papers were filed the past week while her former husband was "worried about the argument for his appeal" of his conviction on political corruption charges last August.

"I do want the verdict to be reversed. I really don't want to hurt Marvin," she said. He is the father of my children and I did help make him governor. I hate like hell to see that snatched away. I hope he wins the appeal."

On the other hand, she said she had no choice but to puruse Mandel in court to recover her alimony payments.