Rep. Robert H. Michel (R-Ill.) was reported in good condition yesterday at Bethesda Naval Hospital after treatment for a fractured rib and multiple cuts and bruises on his face and tongue suffered during a robbery, Friday, outside his Capital Hill home.

"He's still having nightmares at night about the attack," said Michel's administrative assistant, Ralph Vinovich, "but we're all extremely happy with his progress."

Michel, 55, the House minority whip, was attacked from behind his home at 322 8th Street SE. According to D.C. police, two men beat Michel and robbed him of his wallet, containing $200, his wristwatch and a gym bag.

Michel, an 11-term member of Congress from peoria, received multiple cuts on the head and face, requiring seven stitches on his tongue, and a fractured rib in the attack. According to Vinovich, Michel's face was swollen beyond recognition hours after the attack.

"I wouldn't have been able to recognize him if I passed him on the street," Vinovich said.

Michel was taken to Capitol Hill Hospital for emergency treatment after the attack, and transferred to Bethesda Naval Hospital where, according to Vinovich, the congressman has been resting in an upright position in order to drain blood from his head and face.

"The doctors say he's suffering from severe tissue trauma in his face," Vinovich said. "But luckily there were no broken bones in his nose, cheeks, jaw or skull."

Vinovich added that Michel is presently resting with ice packs attached to his face.

"The swelling has been steadily going down," Michel's administrative assistant said. "The soreness is going away for him, and he's able to speak philosophically about the incident."

Vinovich said Michel was in pain and restless Friday night, and couldn't sleep without having nightmares about the attack.

"He was reliving the whole thing in his head, and was tossing and turning. Today, I think he just feels lucky to be alive and is able to sleep for longer stretches of time."

Vinovich said he expects Michel to be released Monday or Tuesday from the hospital.