President Carter will participate in a "roundtable discussion" of his civil service revision bill Thursday night at Fairfax High School in Fairfax City, the White House announced yesterday.

Eight or 10 local citizens will be invited to join in the discussion with the president, along with Civil Service Commission Chairman Alan Campbell and Rep. Joseph L. Fisher (D-Va.), according to Fisher aides. The school is in Fisher's district.

Tickets for audience of about 400 will be distributed through various area civic organizations, the aides said.

Carter will answer questions from the audience after the discussion, they added.

The purpose of the event, according to Campbell, is to "give visibility to the issue and build public support" for the president's civil service measure. The White House requested the meeting, the Fisher spokesman said.

Fisher reportedly has an open mind on the bill, while other suburban Washington representatives, notably Herbert Harris (D-Va.) and Gladys Noon Speelman (D-Md.), oppose it.

Carter's proposals to reorganize the government have stirred opposition among many federal workers and their unions.

"Forty percent of the households in our district have a wage earner working for the federal government," a Fisher aide said. "When the president wants to come and talk about a question so vital to the people you represent, you welcome him."