A 40-year-old Northwest Washington woman who was flimflammed out of $149 in food stamps and $79 in cash by two strangers yesterday decided not to go home and sulk.

Instead, she got a friend with a car, spotted the men she said had tricked her, and started out on a high-speed chase that ended when the two men were arrested by police after their 1977 Tunderbird automobile crashed into a brick wall.

Police said the trick occurred at noon yesterday when the woman was approached by two men at 18th Street and Columbia Road NW. The men, who said they were new to town, asked the woman to guard a paper bag that they said was full of money, officials said. As collateral, the woman gave the men her cash and food stamps, police said.

Officials said the woman subsequently found that the bag was full of shreded paper. The woman and her friend then began an automobile search and spotted the men at 11th and T Streets NW. police said.

The chase of the two men down 11th Street attracted the attention of an unmarked police car, which took up pursuit, official said. They said at 11th and O Streets NW, the suspects' car crashed into a wall.

Police said Elmore Gee of Baltimore and Napoleon Sanders of Washington were charged with grand larceny by trick and are being held at the D.C. jail pending arraignment in Superior Court today.