Reprinted from yesterday's late editions

The Arlington County Board last Tuesday night approved the construction of a 10-story luxury condominium building on the Arlington ridge line near the Iwo Jima Memorial.

The project was opposed by three U.S. agencies and a group of 100 residents who said that construction of $125,000 duplex condominiums would mar the beauty of the Arlington ridge now visible from the Capitol steps.

Prospect House, an apartment building adjacent to the future site of the condominium, is two stories higher but its view from the Capitol steps is blocked by the Washington Monument, according to Charles Atherton, secretary of the Commission on Fine Arts.

The building was also opposed by the National Park Service, the National Capital Planning Commission, and the Arlington Planning Commission.

"From the Mall you can see Prospect House and some other mistakes looming up and we don't need to proliferate that." said civic activist Louise Chestnut, who urged the board to deny developer Marvin Weissberg permission to build the 10 stories he requested.

Weissberg disputed statements about the view and sadi the height is necessary in order to build an architecturally striking building rather than a "typical Arlington box."

Weissberg has built several high-rise office buildings in Rosslyn.

Board Vice Chairman Ellen M. Bozman who joined Chairman John W. Purdy and board member Walter L. Frankland Jr. in supporting the building said. "The height doesn't present a major change in the skyline. This building is better for the neighborhood and national interests." Board members Dorothy T. Grotos and Joseph S. Wholey voted against it.