A child from a family of four, who attends a Virginia public school, will be entitled to a free lunch and/or breakfast and additional free milk at school this fall if the family income is below $8,110, according to recent announcements by county public school systems.

A child from the same sized family will pay a reduced cost of 10 cents for lunch and 5 cents for breakfast if the family income is between $8,110 and $12,660, according to rates determined by the National School Lunch, School Breakfast and Special Milk Programs.

Unusual expenses for medical bills, shelter, special education, casualty losses by the family or unemployment of family members are also taken into consideration in determining eligibility for the program.

Application forms and letters to parents will be sent to all families with children in public schools at the beginning of the coming school year. Information on the forms is to be confidential.

A statement of income and family size, certified as correct by the parent or guardian, is the only requirement. Parents who are dissatisfied with the ruling on their children may appeal the decision orally or in writing to the local school board.

The income scale is as follows for those eligible for free meals and milk: family of one, income at or below $4,190; family of two, $5,500; three, $6,810; four, $8110; five, $9,310; six, $10,510, seven, $11,600; eight, $12,690; nine, $13,680; 10, $14,550; 11, $15,640; 12, $16,610. For each additional family member, add $970 to the income limit.

Children would be eligible for reduced price meals if family incomes fell between the following limits: A family of one, $4,190 to $6,530; family of two, $5,500 to $8,580; three, $6,810 to $10,630; four, $8,110 to $12,660; five, $9,310 to $14,530; six, $10,510 to $16,400; seven, $11,600 to $18,100; eight, $12,690 to $19,790; nine, $13,680 to $21,330; 10, $14,660 to $22,870; 11, $15,640 to $24,390; 12, $16,610 to $25,910. For each additional family member, add $1,520 to the income limit.