"Does the District provide adequate services for senior citizens?" Staff writer Carol Krucoff and photographer Michael Ford Parks went to the Roosevelt Hotel for Senior Citizens on 16th Street to ask residents their views . Celia Weber, 83: "Definitely not. They should give free transportation to senior citizens. That's the main service I'm interested in because I do a lot of traveling into the city to do shopping." Charles Campbell, 85: "With my experience I'd say yes, they're doing a very fine job. The bus service, especially, is good." Sibyl Moses, octagenarian: "I think they are beginning to give more serious attention to senior citizens, but they can do more. There's a wealth of knowledge in older people that needs to be brought to the surface and utilized, and more opportunities should be arranged for senior citizens to contribute to the community." Evelyn Kump, 95: "Well, for people like me the city should have better transportation because it's hard for me to get around." Ida Reid, 80: "No, the city doesn't provide adequate services for seniors. They should provide anything that they need, like free medicine and free doctors." W.L. Savoy, 85: "I think so, it seems to be accommodating me satisfactorily. I don't use public transportation much, and I haven't any fault to find with city services for senior." Elsie Zimmerman, 68: "The city should have better police protest in Meridian Hill Park right next door to us. They tell you not to go there because it's too dangerous."