Garner Ted Armstrong, who was excommunicated from the Worldwide Church of God by his father, Herbert W. Armstrong, in June, announced here that he is forming a new denomination called the Church of God, International.

In a broadcast on Station WOAI in San Antonio, the younger Armstrong said he will begin his own half-hour radio series and pay the cost of $150 per program out of his savings.

In the message, Armstrong read the text of an eight-page letter he has sent to ministers of his father's 65,000-member Church. In the letter, he seeks to counter accusations that have been made against him by his father and other Worldwide Church officials.

Garner Ted, 48, said he was particularly concerned about charges that he had contacted U.S. postal authorities in Pasadena, Calif., where the Worldwide Church is headquartered, "to intercept corporate mail and thus divert corporate funds."

He called the accusations "libelous in the extreme," and said he has demanded an apology from his 85-year-old father.

The younger Armstrong revealed that he has received a letter from Stanley Rader, his father's confidant and adviser, and alleged that the letter offered him $50,000 in annual "retirement pay" if he would keep silent about "certain confidential information I have concerning the work."

In his letter to the ministers, Garner Ted said, "As of this writing, I am no longer on salary. I utterly reject all such offers and all such strings attached. I will not live the rest of my days under the daily fear of having my livelihood snatched away from me."

While charging that he had been "stabbed in the back" by people he had trusted, the younger Armstrong mused that "maybe God wanted to free me from the shackles of monstrous debts, corporate inertia, politics, jealousy, hatred, cynical contempt, greed, ego and vanity."

In 1974, 35 former ministers of the Worldwide Church of God organized a new group called the Associated Churches of God, but it later became inactive.