"What's your favorite animal at the zoo?" Staff writer Carol Krucoff and photographer Michael Ford Parks went to the National Zoo to ask youngsters what animal they liked best. Steven Beads, 11, Baltimore: "I think the polar bears are the neatest animals we've seen so far. I like the way they swim." Von Erskine, 8, High Point, N.C.: "The giraffes are my favorite. I like when the momma fed the little one." Andrew Kirby, 6, Norwich, Conn.: "We came specially to see the pandas because when I was little my dad always called me Andy Panda. I like them best." Nelson Robins, 10, 17th and N streets NW: "The rhino, because I like the way he acts. He can't jump around, and one lady said he was irritated. They fed him apples and oranges and carrots." Jennifer Thomas 6, Pleasantville, N.Y.: "The panda because it was asleep and then it woke up and started eating plants." Scott Wood, 10, Belle Mead, N.J.: "The pandas are cute. They were real active and scratching themselves a lot." Pisey You, 10, Silver Spring: "I like the birds in the bird house. They have many different things on their head and look funny. The best was a bird with a long gray hair-like thing on his head."