Bishop Musa Kaburananga of the Episcopal Diocese of Western Tanganyika in Tanzania has arrived in the United States to lead a Bible study mission throughout Virginia at the invitation of the state's Episcopal diocese.

The bishop came to Virginia immediately following the Lambeth Conference, which concluded last week in England. He will conduct the mission at various churches in the diocese from Aug. 24 through Sept. 20 as part of an exchange and cooperation program between the two congregations.

The diocesan Episcopal Church-women adopted the mission as their yearly project at their annual meeting last Nov. 17. It is a continuation of the reciprocal partnership between the two dioceses in which Virginians have offered financial assistance to Tanzanian clergy studing at the Virginia Theological Seminary and have helped the Africans cope with hunger by advising them on improved farming methods.

Reservations are needed by those wishing to participate. They can be obtained, along with complete schedule information, by calling the following persons in each region; Region 3 - Mrs Chamberlain at 671-0456; Region 4 - Wsther Halstead at 979-5435; Region 5 - Sue Rouland at 860-9263; Region 6 - Ammie Conner at 768-2336; Region 7 - Pat Ward at 978-5992, and Region 8 - Sally Walton at 532-3571.