An Alexandria judge overruled defense claims yesterday that the police department misbehaved by using a male volunteer as investigators in its crackdown on massage parlors and convicted a 25-year-old woman of violating the city's ban on cross-sexual massages.

The case was the first to come to trial since the city's police started using unmarried civilians and an undercover police officer earlier this year to pay for sexual acts at massage parlors in order to gather evidence.

According to testimony, a male civilian volunteer paid $35, then took off his clothes and allowed Deborah Ann Inmann to fondle him on May 11 at the New Towers Massage Parlor, 1813 Duke St.

Inmann's attorney argued that this constituted governmental misbehvior, but District Court Judge Robert T.S. Colby found his client guilty of massaging a person of the opposite sex, touching his gentials and of exposing her genitals, all misdemeanors, and scheduled sentecing for Oct. 9. Inmann could receive up to 30 days in jail and a $300 fine for the massage offense and up to six-month jail terms and $500 fines for the other two offenses.

The only witness against Inmann yesterday was Michael Kevin Brennan, 24, of 3500 Martha Custis Dr., Alexandria, a security guard, who testified that in March a high-ranking police officer talked to him of the desire of police "to close down massage parlors by getting (masseuses to commit) violations of city and state codes."

Brennan testified that Larry Black, who resigned recently from the police department, and Deputy Chief Clyde Scott told him to ask for and persist in getting sexual acts from employes.

Brennan, who said he was not paid for his work, testified that when he went to the New Tower Massage Parlor he was greeted by Inmann, who was wearing "a bodysuit-type thing." They talked about prices for undisclosed "services," he said, and then settled on $35 for 30 minutes.

"She led me down the hall, and we entered the second room on the left, which contained a padded table, a locker and a table covered with a sheet," Brennan testified. He said he then handed Inmann a credit card and she left the room to ring up the the sale.

Brennan testified Inmann "told me to get undressed," but defense attorney J. Flowers Mark objected that a tape recording of the incident would show that Inmann had really told him to "make himself comfortable." However, when Mark declined to have the tape entered into evidence, Colby let the testimony stand. Outside the courtroom, Brennan said a microphone had been hidden in his pants pocket.

When Inmann returned, Brennan said, she massaged him and, at one point, removed her bodysuit.

Brennan, a bachelor, said outside the courtroom he cooperated with the police effort because "I am interested in law enforcement. I was hoping to do a service."

Yesterday four other women pleaded no contest to misdemeanors similar to the ones Inmann was convicted of; their sentencing also was scheduled for Oct. 9. The trials of three other women were continued until Aug. 31. Four of the women, including Inmann are also charged with felony prostitution and sodomy.

Under Virginia law, District Court cases can automatically be retried in the Circuit Court; defense attorney Mark said he will "definitely" take Inmann's case there for retrial.