Ward 6

Staff writer Patricia Camp and staff photographer Craig Herndon went to the Pennsylvania Avenue and Good Hope SE commercial strips and an Anacostia community center to ask Ward 6 residents, "What do you consider the most pressing problems in Ward 6 or the problems you feel most need to be addressed in your community?" James Tackaberry, an architect, resident in the 1700 block of D Street SE: "There are so many things. Street crime and police protection, especially around G Street SE and especially in the summertime.You still are very wary - or at least I am - of being free to take a walk on the street. That's my major concern. And street maintenance. The street I live on is just a mess." Anna B. Jones, resident in the 1400 block of Bangor Street SE: "The apartments across the street from where I live have been boarded up for three years. It's a disgrace. I don't know why somebody doesn't do something about it. And we have people in our neighborhood being robbed. The main thing is housing and recreation for the kids. I know they're beginning to do something in housing, but it all seems like it's a very slow procedure. Mary Ann Maguire, a sociology teacher at Catholic University, resident in the 300 block of East Capitol Street NE: "I'd like to see more services, in terms of entertainment services and retail establishments. This neighborhood has gotten much better, but there needs to be more so you don't have to go downtown or out to the suburbs to shop." Clifford Johnson, a retired Library of Congress employe, resident in the 500 block of A Street NE: "The same thing that concerns me is what concerns everybody: high rents. What would I like to be done about it? They're not going to do what I'd like to see them do. I'd like to see the rents reduced." Brenda Robinson, community relations specialist for a community-based housing agency, resident in the 2300 block of Naylor Road SE: "Housing. There needs to be sufficient housing for low and moderate-income people. Education is number two. We need higher education, more devoted instructors and a better educational system. And employment. Employment is a definite need in this area."