Hal Donofrio works in an elegant office cushioned by inch-thick red carpeting on the tenth floor of the W. R. Grace building in downtown Baltimore. He is the president of Richardson, Myers and Donofrio, the advertising agency that is handling Harry R. Hughes' campaign. There is not how, and never was, a Richardson or a Myers working at the agency. The names were chosen to give Donofrio's outfit the proper image.

Donofrio would like very much to give his friend Harry Hughes the television image that he deserves, but his efforts have been hindered by a lack of money. The Hughes campaign spent $60,000 on three flights of commercials that ran in April and May, but has not been able to come up with the money to do it again.

Donofrio and most of the other people who know and like the former state transportation secretary believe that Hughes' proper image is, as Donofrio put it, "class - in the best sense of the word." It is an image, they believe, that accurately reflects Hughes' thoughtfulness, his integrity and his demeanor. Donofrio says he would not work for anyone with less to offer; Hughes is the first politician his agency has taken on.

"We have the concepts to go with, but we can't afford it," said Donofrio. "Harry's image may have to be based on what people already know about him and read in the papers. Some people think that's a boring image; we think it's intelligence and class."