The Rev. George Fabian Tittman, 63, an Episcopal minister known for his work with missionaries and a former rector of St. Mary's Episcopal Church in Arlington, was shot and killed Saturday by a thief on Berkeley street.

Police said Mr. Tittman and his wife, Frances, were getting out their car in the driveway of a friend's house at about 7:30 p.m. when a man approached and demanded money. The Tittmans said they had none. Police said Mr. Tittman was shot as his wife rushed towards the house to seek help. Mr. tittman died shortly afterwards at Alta Bates Hospital.

The assailant took Mr. Tittman's wallet and drove away in his car. The vehicle was found abandoned about a mile away.

Mr. Tittman was rector at St. Mark's Episcopal Church in Berkeley. He was a past president of the Overscas Mission Society and the Association of Episcopal Clergy.

He was born in St. Louis. He graduated from Harvard College and later from the Virginia Theological Seminary in Alexandria. He was a rector of St. Mary's in Arlington from 1942 to 1956. He took leave from St. Mary's shortly after he was appointed there to serve as a chaplain in the Navy during World War II.

During his years in this area, Mr. Tittman was a noted tennis player. He was champion of the Washington Golf and Country Club and was a member of the club's men's team.

Mr. Tittman was the author of several books, including "Whisper from the Dust," "What Manner of Love?" and "Is Religion Enough?"

In addition to his wife, of the home in Berkeley, survivors include two daughters, Carolyn Butler and Julie Waggener, and two sons, George F. Jr. and Paul.