CAPTION: Pictures 1 through7, no caption, By Muichael Ford Parks Barry Myers, 21, 50th Street and Central Avenue SE: "I guess it'll help a lot of blacks because they'll have a say in Congress. I feel it's about time they did something like this." Loretta Young, 31, 16th Street and Rittenhouse Avenue NW: "Marvelous - it's about time. Everyone has a right to vote, so we should have senators and congressmen like everyone else." Dorothy Hinton, 41, Southern Avenue and South Capitol Street SE: "It's wonderful. I think Washington should have the privileges that other states do since it's the capital of the United States. Raymond Evans, 22, 21st and M Streets, NW: "It's about time we got senators, but it should have been done a long time ago. The District needs a representative to have a say in government." Iris Banks, 46, Naylor Road and Alabama Avenue SE: "I'd rather not have the rights or the responsibilities. The way things are Standing on our own feet won't always be easy." Zaira Tirmazi, 25, Adams Mill and Lanier NW: "We deserve it. We need some kind of representation and we really need a voice in Congress." Valerie Johnson, 22, New Hampshire Avenue and Sheperd Street NW: "I wish they'd ratify it right away. We might get more money out of the budget and they might pay more attention to the District when we get state's rights."