The bond for Terrence G. Johnson, the 15-year-old Bladensburg youth accused of murdering two Prince George's County police officers last June, was reduced from $1,050,000 to $100,000 yesterday by Prince George's County Circuit Court Judge Jacob S. Levin.

Levin met in his chambers yesterday morning with Johnson, State's Attorney Arthur A. Marshall Jr., who is prosecuting the case, and Johnson's lawyers, R. Kenneth Mundy, Joseph Gibson and Alan Lenchek for a status hearing.

Johnson's lawyers asked the judge to release Johnson to the custody of his parents. Marshall countered by asking that bond be revoked completely or kept at the original figure.

As he was escorted from the judge's chambers, Johnson appeared to be in good spirits yesterday, sharing a [WORD ILLEGIBLE] with his brother Melvin.

Johnson and his brother were arrested early June 26 on suspicion of larceny by officers Albert M. Claggett IV and James Brian Swart.

While being processed at the Hyattsville district station at about 2:40 a.m., Johnson allegedly grabbed Claggett's gun out of its holster, shot him and then allegedly shot Swart when the second officer ran into the processing room.

Mundy said that Judge Levin had also agreed to try to get Johnson moved to an area of the county detention center in Upper Marlboro where he will be with other young inmates. Currently he is in an isolation area 16 hours a day, Mundy said.

A hearing is scheduled for Oct. 13 on a motion by Johnson's lawyers that the case be tried in juvenile court.

Levin yesterday tentatively scheduled the week of Nov. 13 for the trial itself.