Petur Williams, a candidate in District 1 for delegate to the Democratic Party's Mini-Convention was incorrectly identified in yesterday's Voters' Guide in The District Weekly.He is an attorney specializing in problems of the elderly, tenants and aliens. Williams also has had training as an urban planner and land developer.

The following are seeking delegate posts at the Democratic Party's MiniConvention: District 1

(Wards 1, 2, 6, 8)

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John Isaacs (Ward 1), 33, of 2018 Pierce Mill Rd. NW, is a legislative director for an organization working for nuclear arms control. He was a D.C. delegate to the 1976 Democratic Convention. He ran the Udall for President campaign. He has been chairman of the Greater Washington Americans for Democratic Action and served on the 1976 Carter/Mondale steering committee in D.C. He also has served on the Democratic Committee for Ward 1 from Precinct 40.

Russell L. Paxton (Ward 8), 67, of 2414 18th St. SE, is a realtor associate. He has been a member of the Mayor's Overall Economic Development Council, treasurer of Ward 8 and a precinct captain.

Robert Ellis Smith (Ward 6), 38, of 13 Seventh St. SE, is the publisher of "Privacy Journal," a monthly newsletter on the right to privacy and computerized records. He was a Carter delegate to the Democratic National Convention and was an assistant director of the HEW Office for Civil Rights.

John Warren (Ward 6), 32, of 2330 Good Hope Rd. SE, is the director of the Center for Employment and Income Security Studies at the National Institute of Public Management.He is a member of the D.C. school board.

Petur Williams (Ward 1), 30, of 1673 Columbia Rd NW, is on attorney for Urban Planner Land Developer. He is Ward 1 campaign coordinator for Arrington Dixon for City Council Chairman. Vote for 1

Imogene Brown (Ward 6), of 2300 Good Hope Rd. SE, is a correspondence reviewer and analyst.

Mary Eva Candon (Ward 1), 28, of 2129 Florida Ave. NW is executive director of the D.C. Democratic State Committee.

Sue Crescenzi did not respond.

Chineeta McGuire (Ward 8), 39, of 1205 Trenton Place SE, is an assistant research analyst and tenant commissioner. She was a campaign manager for Barbara Sizemore.

Jeanette Michael (Ward 1), 28, of 1725 Harvard St. NW, is a lawyer. She is the recording secretary for Ward 1 Democrats and general counsel for the Young Democrats.

Tayloe Ross (Ward 2), 41, of 1400 20th St. NW, is a lesbian-feminist. She has served on the Bakke Task-Force of D.C. NOW. She also has edited "Civil Liberties in the National Capital Area." She chaired and initiated a coalition on sexual abuse of children. District 2

(Wards 3, 4, 5, 7)

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William Blount (Ward 7), 37, of 4115 Massachusetts Ave. SE, is a D.C. public school teacher.

Les Butler (Ward 5), of 2243 13th St. NE, is community affairs assistant at WJLA TV-7. He has been chairman of voter registration and education drive for the D.C. Democratic State Committee.

Andrew P. Corley Jr. (Ward 5), 55, of 3519 14th St. SE, is a real estate broker.

Phil Pannell (Ward 4), 27, of 3802 14th St. NW, is a program developer for the Community Outreach Program at the Howard University Center for Sickle Cell Disease. He is a former president of the D.C. Young Democrats and past officer of Ward 4 Democrats. He was an advisory neighborhood commissioner and a board member on the Ward 4 Council on Education.

Alex Spinrad (Ward 3), 26, of 2447 39th Place NW, is a union lawyer.

Odis Von Blasingame (Ward 4), 21 of 6523 Sixth St. NW, is a senior account executive of OK-100 radio station. He was a delegate to the Young Democrats Convention in Reno, Nev.

Barry Wiegand (Ward 3), 24, of 3060 Porter St. NW, is a news editor for a trade association newspaper. He was first vice president for the D.C. Young Democrats. He has been politically active in New Jersey and the District. Vote for 1

Ada W. Carter (Ward 7), 45, of 1630 28th St. SE, works in marketing and merchandising. She has been a delegate to the Democratic National Convention and was a precinct captain and ward coordinator.

Barbara Bell Clark (Ward 5), 46, of 1616 Buchanan St. NE, is a teacher. She has been an alternate to the D.C. Democratic State Committee and served on the National Steering Committee D.C. Women's Political Caucus.

Marion McLatchy Hemily (Ward 3), 52, of 3122 Dumbarton St. NW, is an unpaid professional in public relations. She has been chapter secretary of the Americans for Democratic Action.

Ruth Jordan (Ward 4), 39, of 1311 Floral St. NW, is a writer and editor. She has served on the D.C. Advisory Committee for the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights and has been a member of the National Board Coalition of Labor Union Women representing D.C.

Ethel D. Lee (Ward 4), of 1281 Verbena St. NW, is a pupil personnel worker for D.C. public schools.

Jessica Smith (Ward 3), 21, of 3748 McKinley St. NW, worker for the Democratic National Committee and D.C. Young Democrats.

Romaine Thomas (Ward 5), of 4003 21st St. NE, is a D.C. school principal. She was vice chairman for Ward 5 Democrats.