Candidates were asked:

1. Do you feel the package of property tax relief legislation passed by the 1978 legislature went far enough? Why or why not? Would you offer additional tax relief measures and if so, what kind?

2. Do you favor the use of state Medicaid funds to pay for abortions? If so, under what circumstances? Jean I. Athen, 34, of 9480 Honeysalt Row, Columbia, is executive director of the Maryland Therapeutic Horsemanship Association, Inc.

1. The 1978 session made some gains in tax relief. However, not enough.The property tax is a regressive tax. I want a reevaluation ofour tax structures and taxing mechanism. I will support income tax reform if the money raised from a graduated income tax provides relief in property tax and/or income tax.

2. Abortion is a moral problem that is between a woman, her doctor and her God. I do not favor abortion after a woman is "quickened with life" around the fourth month. I do support Medicaid funds only in the instances of rape, incest and the life and health of the mother. David C. Hartin, 54, of Simpsonville, is an engineer. He has been active in the Republican organization - district chairman, precinct captain and president of the Republican Club.

1. This was relief of a limited nature to a limited number of people. A tax limitation amendment (similar to H.B. 1537) to the constitution is needed. This will provide real tax relief now and in the future for all of the people.

2. There are many people in the state who are opposed to use of tax funds for abortions. Tax money should not be used to pay for abortions. Private groups raise millions of dollars each year for various causes. The people who feel a certain section of the population should receive free abortions should start a fund drive for an abortion fund. In this way those opposed to abortion would not be forced into violating their convictions. James O. Hutchinson, 54, of 9005 Manordale La., Ellicott City, is an attorney and engineer. He is a current member of Community Action Council Board of Directors and has been active in Republican groups.

1. Extension of the "circuit breaker" gave some help to some of the people who needed it most. The reduction in assessment inflation factor was mostly window-dressing. I would favor a ceiling percentage level above which the tax on homes could not rise. A shift to a graduated income tax has its problems, but I would like to see a shift away from a dependency on the property tax.

2. I do not support any restrictions on the right of the individual to have an abortion. I believe Medicaid assistance for abortions should be limited to situations where the abortion is not discretionary. The abortion should be a Medical necessity. People must adjust their actions to their financial circumstances and always learn to live with the circumstances as they exist. Pregnancy is not a malady but is known to be physically beneficial to the mother when the mother is otherwise healthy.