Candidates were asked:

1. Do you feel the liquor and tobacco businesses are properly regulated?

2. Do you feel the Board of Public Works or its functions should be altered in any way?

Richard L. Andrews, 26, of 5508 Woodmont Ave., Baltimore, is a salesman. He was an aide to the Baltimore County Council.

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1. I favor discontinuance of cigarette price maintenance, as required by Maryland's unfair Cigarette Sales Act.

2. It should be brought within the provisions of the Open Meetings Law. Greater scrutiny should be made of changes in state contracts after their initial approval. Care should be taken that the acceptance of federal funds does not create indirect costs to the state. Donald J. Devine, 41, of 3311 Camden St., Wheaton, is a government professor atthe University of Maryland.

1. These, like most businesses in the state, are over-regulated by the state government. These regulations cost us jobs and higher personal income. As comptroller and responsible for the state license bureaus, I pledge to loosen regulation of business so we can enjoy a growing economy once again.

2. The Board of Public Works is a unique and important institution of state government. As a political science professor, it is an appealing checking and balancing mechanism. The problem with the present board is two-fold. It deals with too many trivial details, which could be excluded from its purview. The second problem is that the comptroller member has been on the board too long: 20 years of blindness in the face of widespread corruption is enough. Maryland needs a fiscal watch-dog to protect our tax dollars and to reduce the taxes we pay.