The following is a list of Republican primary races in Anne Arundel County. 30th District House 30B (Vote for 2)

James L. Quinn Jr.

Betty C. Taussig

C. Mascn White

Glenn H. Whitmer 31st District State Senator (Vote for l)

Richard A. Brown

Gary Q. Green

Thomas J. Harden 32nd District State Senator (Vote for l)

Donald B. Hoshall

Richard L. Stack 33rd District House (Vote for 3)

Robert J. Cancelliere

Robert R. Neall

Walter Sexton

Elizabeth S. Smith

Charles E. Thomann

C. Curtis Wroten County Executive (Vote for l)

Daniel J. Bedsole III

Robert A. Pascal Register of Wills (Vote for l)

Richard A. Barr

Jo-Ann Pratt

Oriando J. Spriggs Republican Central COmmittee 30th District (Vote for 2)

James T. Clenny III

Diana T. Knox

James G. McFadden

Carol W. Taylor

Betty B. Turner 31st District (Vote for 3)

John G. Eckiesdafer

Gary Q. Green

Gary F. Lawn

Anthony Murray Leigh

Robert Maranto

Julia L. Oravecz

William E. Smith 32nd District (Vote for 3)

Michael W. Burns

James J. Cotter

Joan E. Green

Gregory A. Harthausen

Beverly A. Powell 33rd District (Vote for 3)

John W. Babcock Sr.

Lloyd E. Clark

Philip A. Dales III

June A. Intemann

John R. Kurpjuweit

Lynda G. Love

Joseph F. Pippen Jr.

Donald M. Smith

Tita R. Winkler

H. Edward Woods