Candidates for Montgomery County sheriff were asked to state why they are seeking that post and what they would do if elected. Bunny Johansen Galladora, 29, of 7659 Laytonia Dr., Gaithersburg, has been deputy sheriff in Montgomery county for approximately four years.

I am seeking the office of sheriff of Montgomery County because with my background in law enforcement and my college degrees I am the best person to hold this position. I feel I can do a much better job than the current administration.

When I am elected I will strive to give our Sheriff's Department the dignity it deserves. I will turn the Sheriff's Department into a department the citizens of this county can point to with pride as with our other agencies. I can give the Sheriff's Department these things which it currently lacks:

A.) Equal treatment of male and female deputies. B.) A promotional system that ensures highly qualified deputies will be promoted and affords equal treatment to women and black deputies. C.) Special training and equipment for the transportation of the mentally ill. D.) Qualifications for Special Deputies. E.) Training classes that could be given at the Public Service Academy here in Montgomery County instead of classes that are in Hagerstown which don't meet our needs. F.) An administration that encourages deputies to obtain higher educational levels. John C. Lammers, 48, of 5916 Griffith Road, Laytonsville, has been with the Montgomery County Police for 20 years.

I seek the office of Sheriff of Montgomery County because I believe I can use my education and experience to serve the citizens of Montgomery County.

If elected I will professionally administer the Sheriff's office while keeping within budgetary constraints. I will seek to better utilize the Training Academy and available law enforcement training.

I have a proven record of managing law enforcement personnel and a proven record of getting things done. I will deal fairly with personnel and will serve both the courts and the public in a professional manner.

Ellsworth Bainum Naylor did not respond to the questionaire. Ruth Vurek, 45, 5601 Huntington Parkway, Bethesda, is a real estate agent. She was an alternate to the 1972 Democratic National Convention.

To abolish it! Many people are unaware that there is a sheriff or what the duties are. It is not generally known that the sheriff's office is an arm of the court system, which carries out court orders - serving papers, acting as bailiffs, and transporting prisoners. This is not a public policy-making position - the sheriff does not make policy and is not accountable to the public. The sheriff is an administrator and should be appointed. I am running ultimately to accomplish that.

While in the office my goals are to reduce the budget, put all the employees under the county merit system, transfer the Fugitive Squad back to the Police Department where I believe it should be, and consult with the judiciary, Police Department and Corrections Department to determine whether the sheriff's office meshes effectively and efficiently with law enforcement and corrections. James A. Young, 54, of 9000 Gue Rd., Damascus, is the current sheriff. He also was deputy sheriff for 16 years.

I seek the Office of County Sheriff because I believe I am the best qualified candidate, and if elected would fulfill my personal goals which I set 16 years ago when I joined this office.

I will continue to pursue, with vigor, the program that I have initiated over the past two years as sheriff. Emphasis will be placed on better employe relations, good fiscal management, training, and to initiate those programs that will better serve the needs of the citizens of Montgomery County.

I will continue my open-door policy and I will give each constituent my personal attention.