"Do you think the District should levy a commuter tax on people who live in the suburbs and work in the city?" Staff writer Carol Krucoff and photographer Michael Ford Parks went to Farragut Square to ask commuters their views. David Winfield, Arlington Va.: "My property taxes are already too high, and I pay an unbelievably high parking fee of $100 a month and I pay sales tax in D.C. I don't think commuters need another tax." Andrew Steele, Alexandria, Va.: "I think we should have it because the commuter as well as the federal government get a lot of things gratis, and it's about time they kick in for it. The District is crippled by this, and if people are coming into the city they should pay for it." Donna Mikucki, Arlington, Va.: "Absolutely not, we don't need a tax to go to work. There's enough taxes as it is, especially since the District is such a high cost area to live in." Sharon Humphries, Silver Spring, Md.: "Of course I wouldn't like it. I live in the suburbs and I prefer not to pay any additional tax. I think they have enough that they don't need to tax commuters." Harry Boomer, Alexandria, Va.: "For my part I see whereby it might be feasible. A lot of people from the suburbs use D.C. facilities and don't pay.There should be some way that Washington should be subsidized for the use of its facilities Michael Downey, Arlington, Va.: "I really don't think it's fair for the District to tax people who live in other jurisdictions. But maybe they should set up some sort of tax sharing plan with the surrounding communities." Carole Hartman, College Park, Md.: "If they did pass a commuter tax, I'd go work in Maryland. They just raised the Metro and just raised the Greyhound and parking is terribly expensive. It's just ridiculous."