Candidates were asked:

1. Do you support a commuter tax?

2. Do you support full representation in Congress for residents of the District of Columbia?

3. Do you favor gun control?

4. Should the federal government pay for the costs of abortions for welfare recipients, and if so, under what conditions?

5. Should the Hatch Act be repealed?

6. Do you favor President Carter's civil service revisions?

7. What, if anything, should the federal government do to reduce the level of unemployment in Maryland? William A. Albaugh, 55, of Chillum Rd., Mount Rainier, is an energy researcher and investor.

1. No. Just the reverse. We should have frday downtown parking just like at most of the big regional shopping centers in the suburbs.

2. Yes, but only as residents of a federal enclave in the state of Maryland. It didn't take any constitutional amendment to restore voting rights to residents of other federal enclaves in Maryland.

3. Yes. They should mount some of those airport detectors on the sidewalks and disarm all the idiots who are carrying guns without a license.

4. Yes. I am in favor of socialized medicine for everybody. The government should pick up all of the abortion costs for everybody.

5. Yes. The Hatch Act is obviously unconstitutional since it deprives government workers of the equal right to participate in elections at all levels.

6. I don't know what revisions he has made or proposed. My normal position is to oppose everything he does because he acts like a conservative Republican and talks like a Democrat.

7. I favor giving all the unemployed a government job right away whether they live in Maryland or not. Saul J. Harris, 55, of 4714 67th Ave., Landover Hills, is a nuclear advisor. He has worked for more than 20 years in government.

1. No. I assume you mean for the District of Colombia. I believe the District's Administration must find ways to cut spending and misuse of District revenue.

2. Yes.

3. I favor severe penalties for use of guns in committing any crime - whether the gun is loaded, or not, fired or not - if used to intimidate victims.

4. No, in general. Possibly for underage girls pregnant for first time or because of incest or rape. I am concerned with the lack of birth control education of welfare recipients.

5. No. As a former federal official, the Hatch Act protected me frequently against possible pressure by political superiors.

6. No.

7. Encourage orderly growth of industry; improve mass transit. Frederick C. Taylor, 62, of 6015 Bellwood St., District Heights, is a retired federal employe; he has run unsuccessfully for General Assembly and Congress.

1. No. If authorized for D.C., the Maryland State Legislature would impose one and as industry of the type that would absorb the excess unemployed is already in the suburbs or is planning to move into the suburbs, a commuter tax would be an exercise in futility.

2. Every large city and every large county would like this kind of deal, in order to gain full representation. D.C. would have to become a state and I doubt if three-quarters of the states would ratify such a bill . . . I would vote for for it if asked to.

3. No. We must allow our law-abiding citizens to protect themselves on equal terms with the criminal.

4. No. I suggest the dedicated abortionists set up a trust fund to pay to what they preach. Put your money where your mouth is. The taxpayer is crying out all across the country for tax relief and it can't any longer be denied.

5. It has already been repealed in the House and is awaiting action by the Senate. Though Carter claims he favors repeal, n by the Senate. Though Carter claims he favors repeal, ll, so I expect it will be a dead issue until 1980.

6. No.It is a drive not to revise but to undermine and eventually to put all government jobs up for grabs every four years. Civil service employes are a dedicated group and have been stepped on and kicked for years. They deserve better treatment.

7. Use CETA funds to support jobs in agriculture, manufacturing, wholesale and retail areas and less public, dead-end jobs. We must train our people for a future.