The First Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has issued two official pronouncements about the Equal Rights Amendments, and church members should not read anything in those statements that is not there, Mormon spokesman Don LeFevre said recently.

No pronouncement has been made regarding members who support the ERA, and comments made earlier by another church spokesman were speculative in nature, he said.

Charles R. Gibbs, assistant director of press communications department, had said members who oppose the church's stand on ERA might be released from leadership positions or denied temple "recommends." He was questioned by newsmen after a group called Utah Mormons for the ERA announced that it would hold daily appealing for its passage.

LeFevre said several church members misunderstood the speculative nature of Gibb's comments as reported by news media.

"Although the Mormon Church supports the concept of equal rights," he said, "it has made clear its opposition based on the amendment's potential for having a negative effect on families in particular and on the country in general," he said.

LeFevre said that if a person were openly antagonistic and critical of the Mormon Church, his bishop might want to discuss the situation.