During the year that the Hills lived in Oxon Hill, my husband, because of his position, was required to live in the District of Columbia," Delores Hill stated in her affidavit."For that reason he gave the address of his friend Norman Roussey, on Q Street SE. Washington, D.C., to the District of Columbia government as his residence."

"This, of course, was a fiction." Mrs. Hill said in the affidavit. ". . . There was no other residence of my husband during that period."

Until 1977, the Hills had lived on South Dakota Avenue NE, but they sold that residence when they moved to Oxon Hill, according to Mrs. Hill. Since March 1978. Hill has lived at 511 48th Place NE with his daughter Dolores Hill Crawford, and her husband Gary Crawford.

Both Crawfords filed affidavits at-testing that Hill had lived in Maryland during the period from March 1977 to March 1978. Additional affidavits were filed by jadine Hill Tucker, another daughter, her husband Gregory Tucker, and two family friends.

TThe Guncher's case, still awaiting a ruling, also has prompted a challenge to the validity of ABC Board Chairman Julian R. Dougas' reappointment.

Guncher's attorneys charged that Dugas had never formally been reappointed after his first term expired in August 1975. A mayoral aide subsequently acknowledged that Dugas' reappointment order had been "misplaced," but city officals argued that since no one else had been named to replace him, Dugas remained a valid member of the board.

Hill and Dugas are close political allies. In addition to their joint service on the ABC Board, Hill succeeded Dugas as chairman of the city's Department of Economic Development, and served briefly in 1970 as director of the city's Neighborhood Legal Services Program, a post earlier held by Dugas.

James W. Hill, a member of the city's three-member Alcoholic Beverage Control Board, lived in Prince George's County last year despite a District of Columbia residence requirement for ABC Board members, according to sworn affidavits signed by his wife, two daughters and two sons-in-law.

The charge surfaced in a two-year-old liquor license case involving Guncher's, a Georgetown restaurant accused of serving hard liquor to minors. Claire O. Ducker Sr., one of the attorneys who represents Guncher's before the ABC Board, was hired recently by Hill's estranged wife Delores to arrange her separation agreement and possible divorce.

In a motion asking the ABC Board to disqualify Hill, Ducker charges that Hill lived at 1605 Ponca Pl. in Oxon Hill from March 1977 until March 1978. Hill, who also is chairman of the Department of Economic Development, was reappointed to the board in August 1977, despite a requirement that a board member must be "a resident of the District of Columbia for at least three years immediately preceding his appointment and have during that period claimed residence nowhere else."

Hill could not be reached for comment.