The SIW Cafeteria, a second home to several hundred senior citizens for 20 years until it was forced out of the Seven Corners Shopping Center in 1976, is coming back to a new location this spring.

Frank Sherrill, chairman of the S&W Cafeteria Co., and Lamar Newcomb, owner of the Tower Square Shopping Center in Falls Church, were scheduled to sign a 25-year lease for the cafeteria at last night's meeting of the Falls Church City Council. Falls Church offifials had worked to get the cafeteria to relocate within the city and offered to replace sidewalks and landscaping in the area to make the move more desirable.

The cafeteria, which was known for its economical meals, had been serving between 3,000 and 3,500 meals a day at Seven Corners before its owners were notified that because of a new renovation project at the shopping center their lease would not be renewed. The Seven Corners Shopping Center officials said at the time that the cafeteria was not "oriented to the contemporary" image they were hoping to create with the remodeling.

Newcomb said he is also planning to remodel parts of the Tower Square Shopping Center at 155 Hillwood Ave., built in 1956, but he campaigned to get the cafeteria to move into his building. The cafeteria will not cause any image problems, he said.

"It didn't make any difference anyway," he said. "We decided S&W would be a good business in there."

Since the start of negotiations to move the cafeteria into the shopping center. Newcomb said he and Sherrill have received about 300 letters from people urging them to complete the project quickly.

Alton Renfrow, who managed the cafeteria at Seven Corners and now manages a similar S&W operation at Landmark Shopping Center, said part of the delay in relocating the cafeteria resulted from a desire to find enough space for the cafeteria "as near Seven Corners area as possible." Tower Square is about a mile from Seven Corners.